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The Group of Schools No.1 in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska was created in September 2002 from the merger of the Primary School existing for more than 40 years of and the newly constructed Lower High School, which was put into service in September, 2000.
The headteacher of the school is Mrs. Bożena Kołodziej (M. Sc.), the assistant directors are Mrs. Maria Mlak and Mr. Bogdan Oczkowski. The teaching staff numbers 47 teachers, additionally, the School employs 15 administrative and service staff.
In February 2002, the school received the name of Mikołaj Zebrzydowski – the voivode of Cracow, the founder and benefactor of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska.
Our school is the largest educational institution in the community.
On the ground floor of the Lower High School, there are the locker room, the secretariat, the headteacher’s office, the canteen and the common room. On the first floor, there are spacious and bright rooms, the hall - the place of meetings, calls and other events, the school library and laboratories: chemical and geo-historical. Particularly noteworthy is the school library, where books have been collected since 1946. Currently, the library has 15 000 volumes, 85 years’issues and audiovisual means. The library has large premises, in which there are the lending library, the stockroom of books, the reading room and the TV room. In the library, there also is a modern multimedia centre.
In the Primary School, there are 14 classrooms and two computer labs with 20 stations, the hygienist’s office, the school counselor, and unfortunately, only one gym.
In the school, the Scout Team "Badyle" has been active for several years. There also is the active school choir "Sempre" having been successful for several years on numerous competitions and reviews. We have the theatre group "Gim-Te-Dra" as well, which annually issues two performances for students with beautiful stage design, costumes and musical setting.
The youth of the school in Kalwaria has an opportunity to participate in additional activities, so called "Kółka", in which students prepare themselves for the competitions of subjects and develop their interests.
In the Lower High School, the school newspaper "Gim-press" is issued and in the Primary School, the school newspaper "Co w trawie piszczy ..." is coming out.
Our school is always willing to take part in all competitions, Olympiads, sports competitions, artistic reviews. It closely collaborates with the cultural and social centres.


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